Sunday, 27 October 2013


What do you see

In the beginning there was abundance of food and wealthy for all human race. In the beginning there was ten commandment and Dominion was a command for the survival of the human race. In the beginning there was no wars, diseases or gruesome crimes.  Love thy neighbor was the highest slogan.
As time went by the abundance of wealthy and basic necessities disappeared left for the fewer fortunate ones. The ten commandments has been changed, erased and and adjusted. Love for one another has been lost placed with greedy, hatred, false prophecies and self righteous. The world today is filled with wars, crimes and disease and mental illness flourishing like maggots in rotten meat.
Given the scenario I am writing this. I had been actively working in the community to raise awareness on issues that affect us all Stigma and Discrimination. I was yet to learn that today we have many communities in which we identifies ourselves. Old people, young people . Gender association, cultural believes, sexual orientation and  religious  of which all come under communities. A new generation in a changing world.

Stigma and discrimination causes mental illness a proven fact some thing I experienced.  As an activist of the deadliest disease of the century,my passion and purpose born out from being HIV positive. An illness that does not discriminate. Due to stigma and discrimination a community of lost souls where  formed. I have experience that even the sight of me in any company scares the sh...t out so many because I am HIV positive. In the communities I have been fortunate enough to be associated with I have seen the distraction that those who breed , stereotypes, propaganda. Racist, segregation cause in us. I have seen and experienced the bleeding tears of the lost souls. And our cries going unheard
How so we identify others  indifference as an identity. What happened to the human spirit, Do we still posses the spirit and the definition of the soul.

How far is the beginning I had thought. Who wrote all the history, What if in the beginning all these communities existed
Speak no evil, hear no evil see no evil and we will smoke out the evil in you

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